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Use the Links Below to Navigate to the Website Samples and Templates.


Website CreationHow Do I Know What to Pick? How Does Website Creation Work?

Click HERE for Easy Step by Step Instructions.


Sample Website Templates:

*All colors can be changed to any color choice. Click HERE to look at 'Color Choices' that are 'Web Safe." We will also 'Custom Match' any color you choose at 'No Extra Charge.'

  • 001 - Sunny Yellow Fixed Width
  • 002 - Stretched Width Light Text
  • 003 - Stretched Width Dark Text
  • 004 - Band/Music Fixed Width Dark/Black
  • 005 - Wide Width Template
  • 006 - Modern Switching Page Template

Sample Background Patterns

Click Here

Sample Photo Galleries

  • 001 - Smooth Transition Image Gallery or Banner
  • 002 - Display Grid With Image Pop Ups
  • 003 - Flip Booklet Gallery
  • 004 - Photo Carousel
  • 005 - Dancing Photos

Font Choices

Click Here

Domain Purchasing Information

The best experiences of many webmasters is with GoDaddy Website Domain name purchasing and Hosting. Go to to search for a domain name you prefer to see if it's available. We suggest you purchase the,,, and even or versoions. This ensures no one else purchases your domain name with a different ending to cause competition or confusion.

Once you purchase your domain, you will learn how to setup the information needed to upload your finished website files. GoDaddy has excellent customer service and assistance.

Read these simple articles to understand what a domain is and why you need hosting: