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For documents, click each icon to open the PDF. You will need Adobe PDF Reader. You can get it virus free by clicking the Adobe icon. To save, right-click and choose Save As. All software free of viruses.
When left-clicking on software files, some may adobe readergo directly to install, or to save and download depending on your internet browser. To save, right-click and choose Save As.
DOCUMENTS              Keep checking back. Updates on the way.   SOFTWARE               This page last updated: October 17, 2016
  1.  Avoid Cliches
  2. Click Common Writing Mistakes Cecil MurphEy
  3. Click Fiction Book Outline Template
  4. Click Non-Fiction Book Outline Template
  5. Click Non-Fiction Book Proposal Outline
  6. Click Tips for Using Scripture - Donna Goodrich
  7. Click Great Grammar and Writing Book Helps
  8. Click Hand Written Editing Markup
  9. Click Helpful Links
  10. Click Manuscript Lengths
  11. Click Mind Mapping
  12. Click MS Word Shortcuts
  13. Click Skeleton Outline For Writing
  14. Click Standard Manuscript Format
  15. Click Standard Outline Worksheet
  16. Click Student Guide to Outlining a Paper
  17. Click Teen Lingo Pop Quiz
  18. Click Walmart Name Format
  19. Click Writer's Helps
  20. Click 50 First Edits [EXPANDED version coming soon]
  1. Click Count Words Explained [coming soon]
  2. Click Count Words Instructions [coming soon]
  3. Click Count Words Blank [coming soon]
  4. Click EDraw Mind Map
  5. Click Free Mind
  6. Click Free Studio
  7. Click Ginger
  8. Click Grammar Book Program 1
  9. Click Open Office
  10. Click Scrivener (MAC) [trial version]
  11. Click Scriverner [trial version]
  12. Click EditPad Lite
  13. Click Storybook
  14. Click Twine
  15. Click Write Room (MAC)
  16. Click Writers Cafe
  17. Click YWriter



All documents and software are free and can be distributed.